Everyday miracles


My Christmas flower

I saw this spectacular hibiscus flower in my front yard December 24. Of all the things in nature, I have always been drawn to plants. In my garden, I feel tranquil and content. I don’t know why exactly. Perhaps it is an instinct that has evolved over countless millenia. For, . . . → Read More: Everyday miracles

Living with a mental disorder

Psychological disorders are so often misunderstood. Individuals suffering from mental disorders are often expected just to snap out of it, get back to work, and stop acting crazy. Now, we understand that mental disorders are brain disorders. It is not always important to know whether they are caused by genes, traumatic experiences, childhood abuse, use . . . → Read More: Living with a mental disorder

A Few New Year’s Thoughts

If your holidays were like mine, they came and went in a blur. There were the usual family obligations, dinners, gifts to the children, phone calls to make. But also, some of the “time off” was needed to upgrade and maintain the clinical practice’s infrastructure. Few of you probably realize how much time is required . . . → Read More: A Few New Year’s Thoughts