We have moved to suite 1307

We are now on the 13th floor of Medical Place 1. The new office is more spacious and comfortable. The waiting room is airy and elegant, although we try to keep waits as short as possible.

What else is new? Well, I can name a few: ICD-10, DSM-V, Meaningful use/EMR, Pay for performance. Confused already? . . . → Read More: We have moved to suite 1307

What’s wrong with our system of mental health


It has been a while since I posted anything new. It has been very busy, but unfortunately, busy work doesn’t all reflect time spent with patients. Managing a private practice has gotten a lot more complicated over the past few years. Government requirements relating to medical record-keeping, data reporting, billing codes, diagnostic codes, among . . . → Read More: What’s wrong with our system of mental health



(June 29, 2013)  I am writing this post from a busy cafe in San Francisco, where I am currently on vacation. The city is buzzing with energy. Yesterday, was gay pride day, and the streets were clogged with people, gay and straight, mostly young, most just enjoying the street life and the loud music. . . . → Read More: Self-acceptance