Vincent Flores, APRN, joins Dr. Pham’s group

By Dr. Tony Pham

Over the years, I have had thoughts about recruiting associates and partners to help me build a practice that would provide a variety of mental health services.

Vincent Flores, Certified Mental Health NP

When I started, Dr. Tom Gorsuch, a psychologist, and I shared a suite. Our complimentary services and shared philosophies toward patient care provided a huge benefit to our patients. Dr. Gorsuch is my go-to person for psychological testing and down-south humor (he is from North Carolina). About two and a half years ago, Chinh Duong, LCSW, joined the practice not long after graduating from the MSW program at the University of Houston. As many of you know, Chinh is incredibly bright and has brought to us a millenial’s energy and idealism.

Now we are fortunate to have Vincent Flores join us. Vincent graduated from UT Health Science Center at Houston with a Master’s degree in nursing practice. He had previous experience working at Ben Taub Hospital for several years as a registered nurse on the medical-psychiatric unit and desired more responsibility and autonomy. He is originally from Baytown, TX, and currently lives in midtown (an entire 1 block from the office).

Vincent writes: “I believe everyone has the right to healthcare. To me, this means providing a safe, nurturing environment that promotes healing for those going through a difficult time in their life, regardless of their background. No matter who you are, mental health plays a pivotal role in how you view your life and construct relationships with others. By utilizing evidence-based practice and approaching every client in a holistic manner, I develop treatment plans designed to improve mental health and well-being, allowing my clients the ability to live more fulfilled lives”.

Vincent had approached me totally unannounced and stated his desire to collaborate. I was immediately impressed by his thoughtfulness, by his earnest manner of communication, and by his philosophy of living life in a simple way. Having Vincent join us means that wait times for new patients will be much shorter, as Vincent is building up his caseload. Those of you who have seen me for years will continue to see me as Vincent will see the new patients and fill in during my absences from the office.

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  1. C Shaw says:

    Vincent is wonderful! He is the best therapist that I have ever had. He is really helping me a lot.

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